Lisa Sieverts

Just submitted a nomination for a very deserving artist for New Hampshire’s Governors Arts Award in Folk Heritage. Fingers crossed that they are selected!

A struggle to come up with a set of User Stories for my students to split during a breakout activity next week. 🏫 Stories needed to be challenging but not too challenging, and had to exemplify a variety of splitting techniques. My brain hurts but I think I have what I need.

Spent the AM preparing for tomorrow night’s webinar. 🏫 The students will be doing Pair-Shares where they look at each other’s recent homework. I decided to force the pairing for the first round, to pair students who I think can help each other. The second round will be random.

Getting ready to grade a bunch of Agile Activity Backbone assignments. 🏫 This is the first step on the path toward creating Story Maps.

Wrapping my head around teaching the next few webinars. 🏫 The material is so intertwined that it’s hard to get things into the right order. Grateful for Zengobi Curio - Note Taking, Mind Mapping, Brainstorming which helps me to move topics around and visualize the order.

I finally figured out that I’m using Derek Sivers’ concept of the /now page page incorrectly, but I like the way I’m using it to Work Out Loud. Today was mostly in recovery from teaching last night, and attending the PMI PMExpo.

Added my Now stream at to I like Working Out Loud and this seems like a good way to do it.

Got Internet back, the old DSL instead of the new fiber. Decided to stick with a business account even though I’ll have to go with 250Mb symmetrical instead of 1G. It’s worth it to be able to complain more vociferously when the Internet is down. Should have fiber in weeks.

Worked through the next 8 webinars, moving from the planning map to mostly complete Keynote slides.

Finished grading the latest assignment. This assignment built on the last one, and the next one will build on this one. I wrote all of my comments in a separate document before pasting the comments into Canvas. Now I can easily compare what I recommended to what they did.

Working on Webinar 8, the mid-point of the semester. Trying out a new way to get students to write small User Stories for their Agile projects, using some ideas from Bill Wake.

I just finished reconciling bank accounts and credit cards. I’m getting ready for Toastmasters this evening, where I will be the Table Topics Master, working with the theme “New Beginnings.”

Working on tonight’s webinar, #7 in the semester. The topics are team building, user roles and user stories. Spring break next week!