@johnvoorhees I use both Spaces and Stage Manager together. Took me a while to get the hang of it but now it works well. Different Spaces have combos of apps, with Stage Manager managing the screen real estate. I like it.

@cygnoir Yes, the whole series is amazing. It’s so good to read a book so completely from the woman’s perspective, and it makes one realize that every other novel is unbalanced. We are making progress in this world, but it sure is slow.

@Parag Wow! That sounds amazing. Post photos if you have time, I'd love to follow along without having to do all that pedaling.

@joshuapsteele 📚🖊️🏋️🎼💻

@ChrisJWilson Nice!

@timapple @kaa @hall Yes, the best part about intermittent fasting is the way it’s changed my relationship with hunger. And I’ve learned that I’m hungriest when I ate a big dinner the night before! So that’s my body lying to me.

@pratik @kaa @hall Yes, that’s what I do. Most days, I try to stop eating by about 1 PM. I do eat breakfast and then a decent lunch.

@tkoola I started listening to the MacCast nearly 20 years ago. And I still listen to it.

@val Safe travels!

@annahavron Thank you so much! I will be at a location that is dedicated to retreats, though meals are not provided. I think your advice about making the meals easy and scheduled is a good one. The cabin has an enormous pinboard and I’m looking forward to paper and markers.

@iPabloSB Welcome! Yes, the joy of Micro.Blog is in writing for oneself. Say what you want to say. Make your own history of your interests over time. And know that others will quietly enjoy your writing.

@hjalm @pimoore I’m so much in agreement with you both. I’d do Apple Watch and iPad Mini (which I need for work as a remote for presentations) and never buy an iPhone again. Even my iPhone 13 Mini is too big for me.