@rohdesign This might be a dangerous direction. I just purchased soba and matcha from kettl.co (fine Japanese teas). I wonder how delicious it will turn out to be.

@rohdesign Those darn legacy nodes, as Apple likes to say. I'll just have to hope that they bring it back soon. Enjoy your supply!

@rohdesign Have you found a replacement for that yummy Matcha Buckwheat tea at Harney? They've been out of it for several months.

@bjhess Yes! I have a soft spot for Nordic jazz so I have added this to my listening queue.

@jayeless @amit I’m still using Arc though not as my primary browser. I love dedicating one space to a whole set of tabs. Currently, I’m learning about Agile in the Federal government and there are 6+ sites with a wealth of information. Open Arc, open space, boom.