Bloom #mbmay

The union of my two favorite Slavic salads: Herring/beet and chicken/potato/caper. #mbmay

Woke up at 4AM so went for a long, dawn walk. #earth #mbmay

Experimental #mbmay

This #switch is open #mbmay

Catastrophic failure of UPS today. But it’s served loyally for 9 years.

The lake ice has melted! On the one hand, yay Spring 🌸. On the other hand, it’s weeks early 🙃.

Big ice storm on Friday, but not big enough to cause us to lose power. Just big enough to leave the trees encased in diamonds.


I made the family traditional Christmas Eve dinner for today instead. Herring-beet salad and Russian Chicken Salad. It’s from the German side of the family, which has some Polish roots. And it’s all SO GOOD. I love tradition.

Our general store made tarts and they made the mincemeat from scratch!

Weirdly warm, misty afternoon for a long walk

I basically got nothing done today but I did buy these nifty winter boots. That metal plate is a mini-crampon that can be flipped out when I need more traction here in the land of ice and snow.

She’s checking to see if possibly this spot will be warm enough for her

IMG 0341  1

@help Bookshelves still broken in web, so I went to Epilogue on iPhone. Wanted to make a post and Epilogue would not let me make a new post

IMG 0343

IMG 0344

Me and my buddy climbed the local mountain on that warm day last week.

IMG 0335

Art from my mother’s home, reflecting her dining/living room. This was my home away from home, until she died in 2019.


IMG 0140



My ancient but beloved cycle


I am so loving Monterey on my iMac. I made my cursor turquoise and pink and big, and my accent color purple, and these things make me happy every minute of the day. Unfortunately, it’s hard to screenshot the cursor but here’s how I did it.

Screen Shot 2021 10 29 at 4 31 24 PM

Nice, wet, fertile, rotting, humus underneath this Stinkhorn mushroom


IMG 0921



This is a rerun but here’s my bliss spot


Gravity in action


Today I was able to sing outdoors with 4 friends. We all love to sing Shape Note songs and we felt connection with our 5 voices singing 4-part harmony and these old, strange songs. 📷


This mural has meaning to me, my high school mascot. I went to my 40th reunion a few years ago.