Lisa Sieverts

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Course Prep

Thinking about planning out my Agile class. This is year 4 for me at this school, so it’s time for some significant changes. There’s a lot that I like from prior years, but I feel that there is enough room in the schedule to add in some new material. For my planning process this year, I used Curio, a visual planning app for the Mac. Even though I know the importance of a picture when communicating the overall structure of a project, I was surprised at how helpful it was to make this picture. I’m sure it will be too small to view, but I’m doing this to share the method, not the details. Color, text, boxes. I went through many iterations of laying out the course in different ways. The end result seems so obvious, but there were 4 significant changes to the structure and schedule of the course before I arrived at this one. Of course, since it is an Agile course, I fully understand that things may change over the semester. But I am so grateful to have had the time in August to do this deep thinking about the course so that once it begins in January, I’m ready to roll.