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Preparing to Teach: T Minus 30

Yes, I have a New Years Resolution to write and publish to on each weekday in January. I’ll be documenting the project of preparing to teach Agile Project Management at Harvard Extension for the fourth time. The course begins on January 30.

It is a gift to be able to teach the same course more than once. In my experience, the first time ends up being a rough draft, no matter how much time you put into preparation. The second time gets you to the point where you say “OK, now I know what this is supposed to look like, the outline is clear, the activities are working and we’re all learning successfully.” After the third time, you have the confidence to make changes, take more risks, and have more fun.

Today I finalized the syllabus, and set up but did not publish the detail pages for the first two units of the course (basically the first month). Tools used: BBEdit to maintain the markdown version of the syllabus, Marked 2 to convert it to HTML, Canvas to publish course material, Google Spreadsheets for the detailed course schedule, and Curio for deep planning.