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Questions for Table Topics - Recipes for Success

I’m scheduled to be the Table Topics master at my Toastmasters club this evening. The theme for the meeting is “Recipes for Success.” Here are the questions that I am considering asking. Participants have 1-2 minutes to respond. I’d love to hear ideas for other questions I could ask.

  • Sometimes families have specific recipes that are special or symbolic or sentimental. Please tell us about a recipe or dish or meal that is meaningful in your family.
  • Describe a meal or dish that you’ve never cooked or eaten, but that you would like to cook and/or eat someday, and why you’re choosing it.
  • What is your favorite “go to” ingredient that you like to add when cooking? When did you learn about it? Why do you use it?
  • Tell us about a time when you were surprised about an ingredient in something you cooked or you ate. Why were you surprised and what did that ingredient do to the dish?
  • Do you like to cook or hate to cook? Tell us about what led you to feel that way.