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T - 6: My Tech Setup for Zoom Teaching

  • Computer: iMac circa late 2019
  • Second Screen: Samsung display in portrait mode
  • Microphone: Audio-technica ATR2100-USB plugged into Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • Tripod in front of screen will hold my iPhone 11 as webcam running from Reincubate Camo, which will feed Zoom
  • Keynote presentation running in Window mode
  • iPad Mini (not shown) running as remote for keynote, with Apple Pencil so that I can write on slides as needed
  • Green screen fabric backdrop which shows a neutral blue-ish photo as virtual background in Zoom
  • Vari-Desk Standing desk so I can stand while teaching
  • 2015 MacBook Pro which will be used as a confidence monitor to confirm students are seeing the correct view of slides
  • lots of sticky notes with important key stroke commands

Lisa's Desk as set up for teaching online