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Review of Shokz OpenComm2 wireless headset - nice to have my ears free

I really like this wireless bone conduction headset. It’s wonderful not having something covering or in my ears. I feel so much more connected to the outside world.

I also like that the headset connects to my Mac and my iPhone and I can make or answer calls on either device without any need for explicit switching. It just works.

The audio quality for listening is good, though I wouldn’t use it for music.

The noise-canceling part of the microphone is amazing. I get lots of road noise in my office during the summer when my windows are open, and with this headset, no one can hear it. The quality of the microphone sound is good, though not as good as using a standalone wired microphone. I’ll use the Shokz for video conferences and Skype calls, and use my real microphone when recording videos. SHOKZ OpenComm2 UC - Bone Conduction Bluetooth Stereo Computer Headset with Boom Mic - USB-C Compatible with PC and Mac - Zoom Certified, with Bookmark : Electronics